Monday, January 24, 2011

Keeping up with... Why Bother

I have to admit that I have been wasting time watching the tv reality
show about the Kardashians. Its my guilty little secret.  Though I
really have no reason to feel guilty about watching it.  
My husband thinks that I am crazy spending time watching it and leaves
the room every time I stop the channel when its on. 
I keep telling him its all about research and getting a reality check
that's why I watch it.  I mean it tells me so much about  relationship
dynamics, maturity levels of the next generation and poor stewardship/
conspicuous consumerism.  
The sad thing is some of these dynamics are not related to just a select
few lives of folks who live in another country.  They are present in
Canada's population as well, as they try to complete or match their role
Working on my sermon for a few weeks from now, I find I am really
relating to the Deuteronomy text that basically says choose the
covenant & live. Don't you die.  
Pretty simple and clear but oh so hard for a society of folks who are
well training in having choices when it comes to just about every thing.
But how many of the choices we make bring us life?  I think we don't 
think to much  about that and just jump right in.
I recently met someone who had been told 20 years ago to give up
smoking.  They refused and now are preparing their final exit from this
world.  We choose life or death in an amazing variety of ways often with
out knowing it.  
I always find it disappointing to read obituaries.  Yes disappointing.
They would be so much more interesting and real if they told the truth
beyond where you were born, raised and worked and where you will be
They might wake us up to the choices that we are making if we were to
see the life that has been wasted and the life that has been celebrated.
Which brings me back to this reality show.  
Perhaps these young women would seriously refocus their lives, loves and
values if they could see the choices between waste and really living.
see the 1 meter high pile stuffed in on the left.
On the quilting front, I am in process of reorganizing the 
fabric closet.  I've had 3 moves and haven't done more
 than stack it into the closet each time so its time to refold 
and sort through things. 
Its overall pretty messy and not fitting some of the new
 pieces that I am getting.   With any luck I hope to have it 
done by the end of the month. But we have a few other house projects
on the go that involve painting, so its kind of low on the list.   

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