Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mid Month Madness

Sanctuary in Seafoam
Well I have been busy working away in a few different areas.  Work is picking up and I am on duty, shortly to end in two more sleeps.  I find I don't sleep well when on duty and as a result often end up snoozing in my chair about two in the afternoon.  Today I was trying to get caught up on some reading, and off I went in to slumber.  Perhaps its not surprising since I was up early trying to paint a closet in preparation of a closet installation the beginning of Feb.  One closet is done, now on to the laundry room, which means I will have to reorganize another closet to move some shelving from one room to another.   

I also have gotten in a bit of quilting.  I received a Sanctuary fat quarter bundle from FabricWorm from the DH at Christmas.  It is so pretty and will work in a few different rooms in our house.   I spent a bit of time cutting into it, making it become an Urban Lattice quilt.  So far I have all the blocks pieced, now on to trimming and putting the top together.  I haven't decided what I will do with the rest of it but I am sure that something will come to me.  I have a few other projects on the go as well which are not as far along as I would like at this point, so I need some serious time to apply to them.  Lets hope its quiet!
Urban Lattice block

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