Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A few more Sleeps

Just a few more sleeps and we will be at Christmas Day.  But some much to do before the 25th and it all has to do with work.  My computer at work has been so slow.... its painful to try to save or look at sites that I might be inspired by to write my sermon.  I finally gave up and went home early to work at there instead and I have an almost ready to go program for Christmas Eve.  A few more tweaks, spell checking and printing & that will be done and on to finishing up two wedding ceremony liturgies and writing my sermon.
We went out last night to see the lights as written up in the local newspaper.  I must say it was quite frustrating as the map was out of whack and the route not very clear to follow. We saw two of the sites on the map, then just decided to drive around and see what we see.  I was surprised to see how few folks had Christmas lights up.  I don't know if they're conserving or just couldn't be bothered.  Anyways, we have a few new ideas about lighting our place for next year!

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