Saturday, December 4, 2010

Around the Corner

blocks for Around the Corner runner
I have been itching to start a new project but one not so involved I am going to be at it for months.  So I pulled out a pattern that I ordered from my favorite fabric store in Edmonton, Earthly Goods.  Around the corner by Heather Mulder Peterson is a great pattern and so far, easy to put together.  I thought I would make the runner option so I could use a piece of candy printed fabric that I fell in love with. 
Sitting and stitching has allowed me some time to work on my sermon for Sunday, reflecting on peace.  I am going to talk about the paradoxes of the season - the one presented by commercialism and advertisers and the one of the church who is celebrating Advent. Advent is a time to pause and intentionally reflect and prepare for the coming of Christ.  When you put the two alongside one another, I think I prefer the depth offered by Advent over any mall.  Though I do have to get my act together and go to the mall to pick up a few little things to go into a present to be mailed. 

In the meantime, back to the sewing machine.  I have a few hours before the husband will need my help to put up the Christmas lights.

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