Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still working Hard

I don't know about you but I find sewing, along with driving long distances relaxing and a wonderful opportunity to process stuff as you go along.  You know, the where am I going with life, any issues that have been bugging me with work or relationships that I have.  And sometimes, I am able to even figure out what my sermon on Sunday is going to be.  Lately I find myself praying as I am sewing.  Praying over all sorts of things, like friends who are a long ways away - that their days will be good and that they will have an encounter that makes them see God in the world, even if they may not know it.  I will have to touch base with them to see if their days were better.  I seem to be working through a lot of stuff as my project list is shrinking and I am completing  a lot of things.  This is one of the things that I have done, using a pattern by Atkinson Design. 
an early Christmas present for a friend.  Quick and easy but striking in its simplicity.  
So in making this quilt, cause I really wasn't paying attention to yardages, just pulling materials from my stash, trying to use up stuff, I ended up with enough to make this quilt, another and a small runner.  I think the runner will go to a friend who has a white Christmas tree and decorated (last year at least) with black and red ornaments.  I feel really good about not adding a lot more stuff to my scrap pile, as I really don't have any more room in my sewing - scrapbook room! 
In that vein, I have started going through stuff trying to shed stuff in my life that I don't need.  Something that someone said a few weeks ago about haver's and be ers struck home.  Essentially in a generation we/society have moved from being and feeling fine with the fact that we have enough to havers who will never have enough material goods.  So how much do I need? Do I need to have piles of scrapbook paper and quilting cottons that I pet and faun over but that's all? My conclusion is, I bought it to use not collect, to create something neat not just to sit there.  To that end I am working on whittling down materials.  I did pretty good last year in the scrapbook area getting more than 800 layouts done. Now I need to do the same in the quilting area.   
a large crib quilt using a construction material and various scraps. 
Today I have been working on a door stop bag that I found on Oh Fransson's blog.  I love that woman's work.  She has an built in sense of color that you see in her work.  I can't wait to get her book in my hot little hands. 
In the meantime, I guess I can finish off some UFO's as a good way of delving into my new goal. 

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