Saturday, November 6, 2010

Creativity abounds

I have found some lovely blogs recently, such as Oh Fransson and Pretty Home that have some wonderful quilts and other decor items.  I have been working on re-creating some of the things that I have found on them.  I made a door stop for one bathroom door that refuses to stay open on its own.  I need to make another two, for some other doors that tend to move around at the wrong time and slam in your face.  Its a good use of fabric bits that I have lying around.
In that same vein, I have been making Dresden plates out of fabric scraps.  I have a good start on black, red, purple and gold plates.  Over the next little bit I'll add to the collection and see if I can get some nice quilts out of them.  In the meantime, I used up some more fabric that I picked up in a grab bag at a quilt store in Abbotsford.  I don't know who manufacturer is but the colors are pretty and the designs are nice to make a bright whimsical quilt.  I teamed it with a Michael Miller fabric for the sash and borders and its pretty bright.  I have a remnant of lavender Minkee fabric that I will use for the back and to make a little bag to put the finished quilt in.  Here is a peak of the quilt top using a Oh Fransson pattern. 
Since it was so easy to put together, I want to try making it again using Riley Blake material in a boy theme.  But before that, I have a pile of orange fabric and a collection of Sweet Divinity fabric to make up into something.  Orange will be a new color for me to experiment with.  I have play with a lot of color around the color wheel, but orange has never appeal until now.
In the meantime I need to focus on trying to teach the Sunday school children about forgiveness.  I don't want to make it just about saying sorry or being nice to someone after they hurt you because its about more than that.  Corrie TenBloom  told a great story about forgiveness when she met her captor from a concentration camp.  She speaks of the struggle internally with the self.  How does one explain that to 5 year olds?  I am hoping the spirit will provide some inspiration.

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