Monday, November 22, 2010

Let it Snow

The view from the side of the house
Would you believe it?  We got sent home from work shortly after noon today due to a storm warning that was bringing more snow.  Now this area of Canada seldom gets snow so when we do its a big deal.
I wanted to clobber the lady ahead of me in line at the grocers on the weekend who said she had 3 bald tires.  Now we do get more rain than snow, but this is Canada people.  We do get snow and need to be prepared.  Perhaps we will have it for a few days as it shortly melts or turns into rains.  Last year we had snow for a whole 7 days during Christmas holidays.  Maybe we will be lucky and have snow for this Christmas too!

  The good thing about today's snow, was that a lot of folks didn't stop into my office and I could do some work on my Sunday service for Advent as well as finish off some piddly jobs that I keep putting off like filing and re-organizing my office.  Now that I am home, I am going to lock myself into my sewing room and work on some wonky cross blocks and start cutting out a quilt kit I got last year for Christmas.  So many projects I want to do, but I don't want to make a list in case of overwhelming myself.  That ever happen to you? 
But I have decided for the new year I am going to make a list for UFO's and stash busting.  I am doing a mini stash busting in Nov & Dec, and after 2 weeks have used up 21 meters but I am having a issue with my incoming fabric.  After reading a few other peoples blogs, I know I am not alone in this problem! 

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