Saturday, November 27, 2010

Advent Begins

a quick runner with Riley Blake fabrics
This Sunday Advent begins in the Christian calendar.  Originally a time of reflection and penitence, its changed over the years and become a time of waiting and anticipation, at least in my denomination of the United Church of Canada.  I find I use the next four weeks to really focus on waiting, building up to the joy of Christmas rather than jumping right into the commercial Christmas thing that is over marketed by advertisers and retailers.  Last night the chapel community, decorated the space in the colors of the season for the Christian church, blue ( for Advent), gold and white ( for Christmas & Epiphany).  In the middle of this, I had an opportunity to take the children aside and make a few ornaments for the kids tree.  While we were doing this we started talking about what season was coming, and why was Christmas so special?  I had to laugh at one 5 year old trying to put together the birth of baby Jesus is why we have Christmas, not we have Christmas to give presents to one another.  Its all a matter of perspective, but one that's important to offer folks and challenge the commercial perspective showing the depth and potential of what Christmas can be. 

Christmas Cards
Now I must admit I do have my moments of rushing out to the mall and getting into the hype of things, but I try to limit myself as I do most of my shopping and making of Christmas presents throughout the year.  Making handmade gifts also offers a opportunity to appreciate simpler things rather needing to spend outrageous.  So here is what I have been working on lately.  Finishing up runners, working on some Christmas cards to send out next week.  Most of my baking is done except for some Scottish shortbread and lefse.  I can't wait to try out the new lefse griddle that the husband bought last fall. 

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