Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas here I come

So I have been thinking a lot about Christmas, at work, at home, in quilting and scrap booking.  For work, its planning for Advent and Christmas and thinking about what new things would be meaningful in worship.  I have been listening to Christmas music on my i pod.  Okay it wasn't intentional, it somehow got mixed up in my play list so I just listen to it rather than press skip.  Strangely enough I find it calms me down.  Who would have thunk!
I have started quilting Christmas presents or should I say piecing tops with Arlene quilting them.  So much easier than trying to do it myself. With my new machine and moving, I haven't had time to practice out the stitches.  I am well into Christmas baking, thoroughly enjoying trying out the recipes in this years Canadian Livings Christmas cookie edition.  I will have tonnes of neat cookies for my cookie exchange at the end of November.  With any luck I will be very ready for Christmas and all the festivities. 

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