Thursday, March 25, 2010

He's Moving In

Well Craig and I did the honey moon in reverse last week. Since I drove with him to Regina and then flew off into the sunset shortly after our wedding, it was only logical to fly to collect him and drive back from Saskatchewan. The whole process was fairly painless. My lovely MIL did the majority of the house cleaning, leaving only a little bit for me and the packing crew did the rest of the work so I just had to supervise which was very nice.
We have spent the last week settling in waiting for Craig's belongings to come and they arrived today. Sadly the poor man wasn't keeping good track of his wardrobes so they are in the back of the storage locker! He will have to go and buy some things to get by as he only has 3 pants.

Our biggest distress was arriving home to find Kitsu was feeling poorly - not haven eaten for 6 days. She had lost a fair bit of weight and added to this was having the shakes and wasn't able to stand safely. The poor thing had to be hospitalized and it was quite concerning. She is home now, looking a little skinny, having a bald patch on her leg and tired out, but I think she is glad to be home!

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