Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last of the Christmas Chocolate

I have finally used up my secret stash of chocolate so I guess Christmas is really over. And let me tell you I tried to draw it out as long a possible. I really love those Lindt balls, specially the mint or the white chocolate one.
I also have worked my way through the majority of the December photos and put them into layouts so I am feeling pretty good about what I have completed to date. Now if I can be just as productive in the re- organizing and tossing out of my worldly goods to make room for Craig. I just saw a program on hoarders and wonder how close I am getting to being one, at least when it comes
to quilting fabric and scrapbooking product. Though i have to say that my house is clean and there aren't piles of stuff that prevent one from entering the house.
Here is some of my latest scrapping of the Dec. photos.

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