Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mother's Day Placemats

 I had started early on my mothers day/ birthday gifts this year.  Of course like last year, a rush of work got in the way of my production and I did not have enough down time at the sewing machine to get it done in time.

But I persisted and got them done.  The pattern is a very simple yet effective one from Sew Mama Sew. If you make your geese according to the no waste flying geese method that will help your sewing time along with making accurate geese.

I used fabrics from another project that I had left over as I thought they would be very bright and happy- just the thing for a long Alberta winter that doesn't want to leave.  They still had snow as of 2 May.  Brrr. Not sure how much Mom will like the bright colors, but I know Dad will, particularly the orange! And I know they regularly use placemats so they will come in handy even if the color may not be her cup of tea! But she is my mom so she will oh and ahh just like she did over the macaroni glitter covered soup tin pencil holder I made her in kindergarten.

Love you MOM.

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