Saturday, April 4, 2015

Gelato Quilt top

I had purchased some Tonga treat a few years ago and have been working my way though them. With one pack of Gelato colorway I made a runner and of course since I had left overs decided instead of tossing them out, I would make up the blocks and see what to do with them.

Well they hung on my wall, looking pretty and sparkling in color tones the way balis do and I was lured into buying more of the fabric and making a larger quilt from it. I did pretty good in starting, cut the contrast fabric using a new fabric as what I used for the original blocks was long gone.  I sew at least 59 squares making the quick HST's and then I moved on the another quilt that had higher priority.

Sadly I have very little to show for my work. Lets face it squares sewn in a square shape look pretty boring when photographed. So I will lure you with the temptation of coming back in a few weeks to take a look at how I am progressing.

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