Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Martinque Quilt Top Finish

I finally completed this top.  I used a pattern from Fon’s and Porter that involved HST’s and then sashed the lot.  While I had the HST’s made quickly from a bunch of charm packs I found on sale, the progress slowed until I could find the right sashing fabric. It took a trip to Ottawa and three quilt stores later and I found it, a piece of Kate and Birdie lattice.  Once I started putting on the lattice I realized I did not cut enough strips and thought I had run out of fabric only to find it a month later, I had tucked the remains in the pile for bindings for finished quilts.  Do you every have anything like that happen to you? 

Not sure how I want this quilted.  It is very soft and feminine so I think the pattern will need to reflect that, rather than my favored harder edged geometric shapes. Perhaps a cream thread to keep it soft as well. I think I will leave this one for Arlene to “surprise me”! Every few months I give her a quilt where I say let yourself play on this one.  I get good results….

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