Sunday, November 23, 2014

Greek Cross quilt

One of the more recent bee blocks that we did up for Joy do good stitches was called Greek Cross. Since the block was dead simple and  a good way to use up the scraps. That led me to pull all my pink scraps out of the bin and spend a few hours cutting and ironing pieces to make into this quilt. 

About three hours of sewing and I had a lovely set of blocks and still more to come.  I had no clue I had cut up that many scraps of pink to make this quilt, but I can easily make two quilts with all these scraps.

But before I go with the two quilt option I think I will make this one a bit bigger and see if it will use up the large majority. I am sure that I will have no issue finding a home for this very pink quilt.  Too bad I didn't replace that one block in the bottom right corner where it is very very pale pink.

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