Sunday, October 5, 2014

Chevron quilt

I have been MIA the last few weeks busy with work of course and no desire to spend time on the computer in my off times. I have been busy working on various quilt projects as well.  At last count I have four quilts on the go, and other three in the planning stages that I must get started on soon or else I won’t have them ready for Christmas.

One quilt that I started two weeks ago and finished this weekend was the Chevron quilt.  I found this pattern in Quilty 2013 magazine. It is easy to put together, just make a lot of HST’s and re sew them.  As this quilt is for a boy I decided to use a navy blue background with a  lot of bright colors.  I often get color inspiration from Design Seeds and  this quilt got its color start from here as well. 

 As you can tell I have a row in the is quilt that is upside down. I kind of like how it makes the eye readjust and the navy looks like a block. But I fixed it and forgot to take a photo of it adjusted.  I will take another picture when it is quilted and show you the fix once it has the quilting added to it.

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