Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What to do with Leftovers

I struggle with what to do with my left over scraps of fabric.  The small pieces are easy, I just toss them with no remorse.  But the chunks that are bigger, I have been trying to use them up.  Often I will make a pieced back. If that doesn't take care of it then some little item like a pillow.  Unfortunately I had a big pile of scraps from various Dr Seuss quilts.

I made one baby quilt, I made a drawstring bag, and two place mats. Sadly I still have some left to get rid of.  Inspired by A Bright Corner's blog, I decided to make a bag.

 Andy did a cute cross pattern on her bag which I totally loved and thought I would look great with my scraps of Dr. Seuss.  The over all bag pattern has come from the Jedi Craft Girl and it comes together beautifully. 

 I used a striped fabric for the lining with the left over black from another project to make a pocket.  To make it a little special on the inside I added a fussy cut square of the Cat in the Hat.

The unfortunate thing is I still have some Dr. Seuss fabric left.  One of the ladies who teaches Sunday School told me that she was having a party for her daughter using that theme.  I wish I would have known, I could have made key chains or something as a gift!

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