Monday, December 9, 2013

An Apron a Day

does not keep the doctor away but it keeps your clothes from spills.  I have started the Christmas sewing marathon and have decided that this year I am making aprons.

 I found some patterns on sale by Simplicity, as well some free ones at Sew for Home.  I also purchased from Sugar Pie Chic three apron patterns that I thought were particularly attractive while I was home and raided my fabric stash looking for fabrics that would suit those who I was making the apron for.

For the most part I was able to use the stash and not buy any fabric.  There was only one apron that I did not have a piece for that I had to visit the store so that I was able to complete it.

 My favorite is the apron that I used for the test using the Ghastlies fabric with a bit of black and pink for trim.  It is awesome.  I orders some of the Christmas version of the Ghastlies and have it on the Christmas break sewing list.

Thanks to Angela for being my model.  I will put you to work in the new year showing off more.

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