Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Tree Haven

Wow! Almost a whole month has gone and I have not posted.  I better start taking pictures to add to those posts waiting in my drafts box! I have been up to a lot, I promise.  Take this past Saturday morning, I had some time to kill before Michaels opened and I went to Sunset Nurserys to check out the Christmas Tree display.  Wow, happy jumpy claps at this place, let me tell you.  After you clear the front lobby and go into the main nursery, you are bombarded with Christmas. Ah it is wonderful.  I broke out the Christmas music last Saturday, the 16th.  I know a bit early but I love Christmas music. 

Anyways back to the Nursery.  They had so many neat displays.  I was very impressed. We put up three trees every year.  A kids tree with child like ornaments, a bright tree and a small tree in our room that is turquoise and purple. After my visit to Sunset I have some ideas I want to add to our trees.  The MR. is telling me the puppies would destroy the trees if put them up, but I think that we can have one that will be okay if we put it on a small side table. I like to fall asleep to the lights twinkling. 
Pink purple tree- perfect for a 10 year old girl
 This was the first tree that I saw when I came into the room. Very pretty and feminine. This was followed by some more very feminine and pretty trees that would look amazing in my front entry. I love the sparkly stars with sprays of white.

Trio of Trees.
There were lots of trees that were unusual too.  Like an upside down tree with elves on it, a harlequin tree in black and white, a owl tree that would freak me out to have all those eyes staring at me, and so much more. 

Owl Tree

Harlequin Tree
  I wandered a bit more and came up to this tree.  Reminded me of the Coke commercials in the '70's and made me want to teach the world to sing! And the Sock Monkey Tree, I wanted to take them all and set it up in my office at work.  If you have a chance to check it out take the time to spend an hour there wandering.  I can't wait to check out the trees at the Empress Hotel this year.  People are always so creative.

Sock Monkey Tree

Coca Cola Tree                                    

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