Sunday, October 20, 2013

Turkey Chili

I was wanting to try a new recipe for the Crock Pot and found Turkey Chili online.  It is from Kraft Kitchens and contains some interesting ingredients like yams, black beans and mango chipolte dressing.  It certainly offers more healthy options to our regular chili.

So the question?  Would I make this again?  Yes I would.  I modified the recipe a bit in that I browned the meat and cooked the whole thing in a fry pan rather than a crock pot.  I also would make the yam pieces a bit smaller, like a 1/2" cube rather than the rough chop that I did.  I can see folks who do not like a chili that is spicy liking this one as it has a sweetness due to the mango dressing and yam. 

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