Monday, April 8, 2013

Farewell to Kitsu

Last week our dog Kitsu was feeling poorly and not improving after having a UTI, so Craig took her in to the vet.  After waiting three days for blood work and xrays we found out that she had a massive brain tumor.  The tumors began to cause her to have seizures.  Needless to say there were limited options to treat this and certainly no recovery. 

Its gonna be an adjustment to not see that smiley little face when coming home, or hearing and watching her whole body shake in the middle of the night as she roamed the house, or that Shiba Inu talk.  Its gonna be hard to walking/run alone at the Lagoon or up Bear Mountain now.

While Kitsu was definetely more Craig's dog than mine, I will miss the little fuzz butt. Who else will I have to compete with for kisses in the morning or have to share my pizza crusts ! But I am relieved not to have a wet bed left as a present by Kitsu when she was pissed off at me and wanting to show who was the boss.

Kitsu was a unique pet and will be greatly missed in our home. 
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Barbara Jolliffe said...


I'm very sorry to hear of your dear dog's death. Our dear Charles died in February also of a brain tumour. We've recently welcomed a new bitch into our family. Rose came to us through Broken Promises - a rescue agency here in Victoria. She is a lovely dog. Camilla has welcomed her into her home most graciously. Trust all is well.

Barbara Jolliffe said...

Actually, Lara, it's from both of us but this gmail account shows my name, sorry.