Monday, February 11, 2013

Wicked Weather

So I had some leave to burn before the end of the fiscal year ( march 31) and decided that I would hop on a plane and go home to see my sweetie.  Little did I know when I bought my tickets in November that it would be wild two days of snow and delays.

I left Petawawa at noon for a drs appointment in Gatineau, a little town across the river from Ottawa and it took forever to get there- two hours for a normally 1 and 15 min drive. The roads were better than I was expecting until I hit Arnprior where the highway doubles into four lanes and becomes the 417.  That piece wasn't plowed so it was heavy going.  It was even more troublesome considering I had decided to up my water intake and I needed to un-hydrate.  If it wasn't for the fact I was wearing my military uniform, I would have pulled over on to the side road and taken care of business. But decorum won out over the needs of my bladder.

Following the dr's, I ventured to the hotel and parked myself for the evening. Sadly I was so wound up from the week and the drive, I was up every hour or so, checking the clock.  I arrived at the airport and that is where the day really got interesting. First, the plane to Toronto was delayed 30 min, then 1 hr 30 min due to the big storm that ripped through the area the day before. We finally got underway and I missed my connector to Calgary by two hours which meant another wait on top of a 3 hr 48 min flight.

Again upon arrival in Calgary I missed by flight to Victoria and had to wait 6 hrs. Now if you know me, you know I hate wasting time.  Okay mentally speaking these delays are good ways to learn about patience and I am okay with that, but I like to have something to do while I practice patience.  After a while book reading doesn't cut it, and walking 3 km of the airport terminals isn't quite the cardio workout that my body is needing after missing yesterdays pt session. Oh to have a small cutting matt, ruler and fabric!  There is a nice piece of floor in front of me where I could set up and cut out the next project, not only using time wisely but getting a bit further ahead.

Storm is coming
  So since I can't do that, I watched the clouds.  I saw a storm blow into Calgary, so fast its kind of hard to believe.  We had clear blue sky and sun and all of a sudden a swirling cloud looking like an anvil zooms in and you can't see the hills behind the airport. In less that 7 min the airport was engulfed in cloud and snow flurries were happening. 20 min later it was gone. What wild wicked weather. And due to this weather, it took a whole day to get home.  In the number of hours spent in the air or airport I could have gone from Ottawa to Victoria, three times!

Storm Hits

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