Monday, February 18, 2013

New Brownie Recipe

On my long drive to Ottawa, during a snow storm, I had the radio in hoping to hear the forecast changes. Unfortunately I heard more music than road reports. But one of the neat things I heard was a recipe for Black Bean Brownies from Farm Boy.  They sounded so weird that I thought I had to try them.  So when we were in the grocery store yesterday, I bought some black beans and whipped some up.

The recipe for black bean brownies is from FarmBoy.  It is very simple and is gluten free as well. WRT baking, I ended up extending the baking time to be 23 minutes as we are sea level and it takes a bit longer.
brownie batter

As for the taste. Well now. I found them a bit chalky.  Otherwise they are pretty much like any other brownie.  I would say you want to make sure that the beans are emulsified very very smoothly.  I noticed that we had a few hunks of skin from the beans that weren't fine enough that you could taste on your tongue as you were eating them.  I didn't bother with icing for these but I think powdered sugar would be nice as a topper. Eating them a little warm certainly brought out the flavor of the chili. I wonder if the chili flavor will be stronger if they are cold? And the answer to the question is no, it is not.

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