Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ornament Score!

Earlier in the week the DH and I were into our local Canadian Tires trying to find some things to add to the Christmas trees and garlands for our home. Since Zellers is no longer in existence on the Island, we are limited in where you can go to score good ornaments one trend for a reasonable price. I really loved the ornaments that Zellers brought in, usually buying many ornaments from Alfred Sung.  These were well made ornaments not unlike the old ornaments that I have from my mom and are now 40+ years old.

Anyways we did not have much luck so we decided to drive up the highway 30 minutes and go to Duncan and that Canadian Tire.  And did we luck out.  This is the second year in a row that we have gone up there and gotten Christmas stuff for a good price and things that we don't have in Victoria proper. But the best thing of all was finding a cart that had ornaments in Ziploc bags and priced for $2.50 a piece. I cleared them out.  The husband thought I was crazy but I have a plan you see.
all my lovely baubles waiting to be made into something
So from my haul and the Christmas cupboard under the stairs, I rummaged around pulling this and that out of boxes and played around until I found something that I liked and that wouldn't melt from of the heat of the fireplaces when they came on.  I think this mantle looks pretty good.  Not much I can do with the top as the tv is there but at least there is some distraction.

fireplace garland

 I also had some stars in those bags I got in Duncan. To these I added a ribbon and hung them off the light fixtures. They look so pretty.  Now if I had a bit more time and patience I might take a page out of the banks decor and make some snowflakes.  When I went into the bank they had the most gorgeous 14 inch snowflakes that one of the employees had made out of computer paper.  Fantastic.
I could do so much with those.

stars hanging high

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