Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Trio of Aprons

About six months ago I picked up a Simplicity pattern 2592, a retro pattern the showcased a variety of aprons.  I picked up the pattern earlier in the year but did not get a chance to make it before my trek to CFB Petawawa.  My mom was talking about something that made me think of this pattern and making an apron for her.  I remember growing up she had the most interesting aprons.  One in red and grey with vintage cars on it that i just loved.  What I wouldn't give to find this 50 year old fabric! LOL.

Today I had an opportunity to make a few.  I don't know about you, but I love aprons.  I wear one to garden and to cook.  They are great at protecting garments from stains and oils that may wreck your clothing. This pattern is not my norm when it comes to aprons as I prefer the bib aprons with pockets and these are a bit more frivolous, but oh so fun.


My first sample is made using fabric called Genvieve by Amy Hamberlin for Henry Glass along with 3 packets of 1/2 bias tape.  I was so wanting to get this project started I used what was at hand for bias tape, rather than wait and get the 1/4 bias tape the pattern calls for. I liked how this one turned out so much I decided to get fabric to make two more aprons using the same pattern.

 My second is what the DH calls the Abby apron as it reminds him of Abby from NCIS.  Me, I like it cause it is bright and interesting fabric and certainly will be a conversation piece for the hostess who wears it. I debated whether to use red or lime green bias tape, but of course they did not have lime green in stock.  With the thinner bias tape, the apron looks more flirty and fun. The fabric is from Timeless Treasures.

The final apron used fabric called O Tinsel Tree by Pink Light Design for Robert Kaufman. This was on sale at Cloth Castle so I thought I just had to make a Christmas apron.

Not sure what I am doing with all these aprons.  Maybe some gifts? Perhaps put them in my etsy shop? 

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