Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Roses and Fence Painting

Brandy cream boards and lattice, what is bare will be a medium brown.

So what do the two have to do with each other?  Nothing really other than one is drawing first blood as we paint the fences. I have the mark of Zorro on my lower right arm along with other assorted scratches.  That will teach me not to wear long sleeves.  It feels like it has been forever that we have been painting the fences around the property, its only been since Saturday, and not all day straight either for it is much to hot.  In total we have spent 19 hours so far that that is just the boards and the lattice.  We really should have used a sprayer on that bugger let me tell you.  Oh well live and learn.

We are painting it three colors. Sounds busy but the colors are also on the house and it looks quite elegant and modern.  The majority of the fences is Brandy Cream, looks like it sounds.  The frame around the boards and lattice a medium brown color and the anchor posts are dark brown in Mink. I am amazed at how adding a light color in to the garden highlights the gaps between the plants and the colors of the blooms.  I thought the garden was pretty full looking until we painted.

The roses are looking lovely too.  As are the lilies in a variety of colors.  They are just to pretty to cut and bring into the house

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