Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A busy Beaver

I have been a busy beaver what with the fence painted.  But let me tell you it takes a bit to recover from 30 hours of painting spread over 7 days.  Glad its over so I can move on to the stack of quilting that are awaiting binding, house cleaning and organizing.

I saw this quilt in a fabric store when I was in Edmonton in June.  I loved it so much I went online and found the pattern ( by a Michael Miller designer, I think) and made it up.  Some folks may not like the limey green and the busy floral pattern but I think it is awesome.

Garden baby quilt
As you can see it takes about a meter of a feature print and less than .20 meters of coordinating prints along with some solid.  As I type this I am looking into the fabric closet and see some novelty prints that would be wonderful to make up using this pattern.  Certainly now my baby girl quilt stack is sadly depleted I need to make some more to have on hand. 
Arlene, did the quilting of course.  This is a simple double loop pattern in a variegated thread which is very effective on the quilt top.  Binding is done in a solid green Kona to pull it all together.

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