Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Coconut Steps Runner by NavyRev
Coconut Steps Runner, a photo by NavyRev on Flickr.

So a lot on my plate for the next little while. Work is busy and productive, mostly. Home has a multitude of indoor and outdoor chores. Thinking of hiring a maid to help get things done and free up some time. Don't think the husband will go for it but in the meantime I will dream of someone who will.
This week I did a few things.

NYB - did a bit of sewing on another block. Must say I had some difficulty with the second to outer curve. I have done this block before and something is off. Have to check it against another NYB pattern.

Coconut Steps Runner - a really simple runner for a gift early in May. I just love how the Bali fabrics make something look so rich and lovely. There are some nice pieces in this collection, like the cream with butterflies.

No progress on:
Raging Grannies
April Joy do good stitches quilt
Animals in the Zoo borders

Hoping to have a bit more time this weekend, but I do have the duty and a ceremonial thing on Sunday so may not be as productive as I wish...

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