Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Weddings

When the year started I had no wedding booked.  That's not a bad thing after having 20 some weddings last year.  Anyways come May, folks have been coming out of the wood work wanting to get married.  Today was the first of a flurry of summer weddings and was held at the University of Victoria in their Interfaith Chapel.  A lovely couple and the most exciting thing was my student, a priest in training performed the wedding while I stood by on the side lines and signed documents.  It was a nice change to share the workload as I find that, at the last minute before folks walk up the aisle, there are a few details to attend to which means I need to be in a few spots at one time.
Michael, my student did a fine job and I was very proud of his careful in crafting a sermon and the overall performance.  Most folks think that clergy only spend an hour "doing" a wedding not realizing the preparation of a sermon, sitting down with the couple and reviewing service options, filling in paperwork, rehearsal and the day of.  I found for my worst case couple, ( not this one) I spent 20 hours on stuff related to their wedding.  That of course, really cuts into my free time, quilting time of course!
W & C with Michale hiding behind the cross
Now back to my Single Girl quilt top. 

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