Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spending time with the Movies

So I have been busy this past week. Not only at work but at home, trying to finish a variety of projects.  To pass the time at my sewing machine, I have been watching Mummies, the Wraith, Gibbs and Probie, and other assorted movies to keep my in my sewing chair.  What have I been making?  Well I have completed 40 single girl quarter sections, have another 40 more to go.  And I am thinking that I am going to do another one of these quilt tops, in king size as well!  Crazy, uh. 
I also a making a violet colored bed skirt to go in our guest room.  The fabric while polyester, has a linen look to it so it will very polished and clean.  Once that is done, then we can finish off the room, just in time for my parents visit for a few days. 
I also made a little travel size laundry bag and a jewellery pouch that I found at Sew4home.  These little pouches will make great hostess gifts.  I can see a few more in my future in different color ways. 

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