Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby Bird

what a long beak you have

I came home today to a lovely but worrying surprise.  While I was out watering my planters, I noticed that there was a blob of something on the stone wall in the back yard.  Moving closer I saw it was a baby bird, a very small one, huffing and puffing.  Moving a bit closer, I noticed he had a long beak, a bit of green on his back and a very round body.  His wings move fast too when he chooses too.  Since we have tons of humming birds here, I am guessing its a new baby learning how to fly.  As he was so fluffy that makes me think he was pretty new to this world.  Anyways he seems to be able to fly five feet to the feed, and bob along the stone wall but I am scared that someone bigger than him will make him dinner.  I called numerous folks like conservation, SPCA and Wild Arc but my luck, they all have gone home for the day. Grrr.  I hope mum and dad will come soon and take him back to the nest!

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