Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Patterns

Well I started a new project last night.  As part of my birthday present this weekend,  I was given some fabric and a new pattern.  Since my egg basket ( I use this to store fabric bundles) was starting to overflow, I decided to take something out to make this new runner pattern. The fabrics are assorted Halloween and fall fabrics, I know a long ways off but I thought I would get a head start.
The pattern is a runner, 9" blocks set on point with the setting triangles being a cut in half log cabin.  It actually looks very attractive in the photo. One would think that it would be pretty straight forward.  Wrong. 
Normally it doesn't bother me if a pattern doesn't have tonnes of detail as I have been sewing and quilting for a long time now and can figure most things out.  But I do expect that the measurements are correct and mention if you need to use a scant or full 1/4" seam.
Birthday Fabric
Block failure

I often make a sample block to test it out and I got to say this one went together horribly.  Even the Farmers Wife blocks have gone together better than these.  Needless to say I don't think this block will be made into the project it was intended.  I don't like not following thru on things but somethings are better left behind and I am thinking that this will be one of them. 

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