Monday, July 25, 2011

Christmas in July

So its the 25th of July and before you know it is gonna be Christmas.  So keeping that in mind I wanted to show you what I have been up to.  During my Christmas leave ( yes back in Dec and Jan) I spent the time sewing Christmas stuff.  I got some great deals on various Christmas fabrics and some patterns to fire up the creative juices and away I went. 
I decided that many of my friends will be getting tree skirts for their presents.  I also have been making runners and place mats as well and have a few stockings and pillow cases on the list too. 
Without further ado here are my Christmas projects ( or at least some)!

The table square just started out as a large Dresden that I was playing around with to use up old Christmas fabric.  The photo doesn't do it justice - showing off the contrast of creams, whites, golds and fossil fern red with the Christmas print. 

Dresden table square
 I also purchases some strips from Connecting Threads, that I decided to make into these really easy place mats.  Arlene the long arm quilter, did a fantastic job with an all over loop patterns. Using a meter of fabric  and batting, she puts the place mats on top of that on her frame and away she goes.  I find its also a good way to use up some fabric in the stash with out have to piece backs. 
scrappy place mat green edge

scrappy place mat brown edge
 I also purchased this sleigh riding print, a LONG TIME AGO that I decided to use up.  Also practicing my flying geese I added a strip up the side to make it a bit more interesting.
sleigh ride place mat
 As you can see I still had fabric left over from the Dresden above and used it to make some small tree skirts, 30" across.  My parents use a small tree so this will be perfect for them or even a senior in an apartment or nursing home with only a tiny tree.  Tree skirt # 2 has the lovely floral Christmas print as its backing.  I just love that fabric. 
tree skirt 1

tree skirt 2
 So that is my Christmas in July so far. I have a stocking that I need to unearth and complete, along with a few more tree skirts to complete.  We have three trees so far and I have to get at least one done for us before the end of the summer.  Well, what about you?  How is your planning for Christmas going? 

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