Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just what I needed - Distraction

Well I finished another top and its in the bag to go to Arlene the long armer for quilting.  My next project is the Single Girl quilt.  So to distract myself from getting a bit further along on this, I went surfing.  While I was at Lee's blog I noticed that she had a new quilt along going.  Since I need another quilt project to round things out (tongue in cheek here) I am joining up! 
When I started quilting in the early 1990's, there wasn't much available  - a lot of solid cottons and calicoes.  What stood out for me was being able to use color, all sorts of color to make interesting shapes and patterns. I really liked the sense of tradition in quilting, that the blocks I made where ones that Great Grandma and her sister would have made in quilts that went on their beds back in the 1880's.  Anyways I am looking forward to this quilt along.  If you have time, consider joining in!

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