Friday, April 8, 2011

The Bosuns Call

My sewing room is on the main floor of our house tucked in a back corner away from noise, with a sunny window which makes it nice and cozy.  Anyways with the door closed and the TV or radio on loud enough to hear over a zooming sewing machine, I can't always here the DH call for supper.  Last night he had to phone me from his cell to tell me dinner was ready.  Yeah, crazy.  Our house isn't that big either.

making music
So taking a lead from one of my favorite movies," The Sound of Music" the DH pulled out his Bosun's whistle to pipe dinner time. 

the whistle

Now the irony here is he retired from the army.  It surprises many people that he knows so much about the Navy, let alone how to do the pipes.  For me its a normal sound that I hear when I have been on ship or in some of the buildings at work for that matter.  We'll have to see how it goes.  It should be less offensive than being yelled at or whistled at      ( like the presenter at a seminar I went to yesterday.)  Man, that was bad.  Considering the room was mostly military, all he needed to do was called ROOM in a forceful voice.  Folks would have stopped and come to attention. 

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