Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A New Quilt

I have not been scrapbooking lately. The darling husband has taken over my work space which makes it a bit difficult to lay out pages and paper. Instead I have taken over the kitchen table, using it to cut quilt patterns and sew them up. One has to have some creative outlet to blow off steam. Anyways I am close to finishing a top that is fully of summery colors, orange, yellow and hot pink. Its pretty bright. Not sure who it will end up with at this point, but there has to be someone to whom those colors will appeal.
Navy Days are finally wrapped up. A lot of work but it was nice to see 5 foreign Navy's in port. Must say some of the neighbors were terrified with the US Navy Gun Ships going over head and the Snowbirds zooming past at the speed of light. Had to explain to one person what it was about, though I must admit they had no idea it was Navy week and all these things were happening. How can you not know when your town swells with close to 8,000 more people and the news is talking it up a lot, I have now idea. Maybe they are living a monastic life with no media allowed!

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