Saturday, December 12, 2009

5 trees and counting

Its a good thing I like the Advent Christmas season. I now have put up my 5th tree in two weeks. You would have laughed at me trying to set up this mongo heavy tree at the Naden chapel. It wouldn't sit in its base and kept tipping. The cleaning lady was near by waiting to get into the head so she helped hold it in place but there came a time when we needed another body. So I was calling for Claire, our admin, who was in the head (unknown to me, dealing with a toilet that had over flowed), I called and called...I think the cleaner and I held the tree for 15 minutes until we got more help in the form of some nice fellows walking by. At one point there were 5 people working on getting this tree upright. Could start some jokes about how many people does it take to set up a tree. One Capt, one AbleSeaman, one admin, two chaplains and a cleaner. Oh to have my camera.

Finally I have gotten caught up enough with house chores, work chores etc. that I can take some time out to scrap and quilt. Spent 3 hours downloading pages to my site then moved on to piecing some scrap quilt toppers. Thinking about finding a senior in a wheelchair that might appreciate a covering over their knees. That in itself is another job... they seem endless.

Craig will be home in under a week on Christmas leave. I must admit I am getting very tired of this posting of his and will be very glad when he is home in March. Right now in preparation of his arrival I have wrapped the gifts and set up the tree. Still have to book a romantic night at some hotel but I am hoping I can get to on this weeks list of jobs.

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