Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Tale of the Moving Pumpkins

On my way to work in the morning and at night, I see these pumpkins along the side of the road. They first appeared Nov 1 along side the highway, their carved out little faces smiling maniacally at all those who pass. The strange things about these pumpkins is that they move up and down the highway, from one side of the road to another. One day they will rest on a concrete fence, the next they are sitting beside the off ramp marker pointing the way. Its too bad the traffic is so busy that I can't stop to take a photo of the moving pumpkins and scrapbook it.

Wow what a busy time it has been. I have been on duty for a week, plus preparations for Advent at the church and working madly on Christmas presents. Its also been just crazy at work with a lot of special events happening and a Royal Visit. Since I was on HMCS Winnipeg at the time I didn't get any photos, but a friend passed some over to me to scrapbook that I will post next week.

I was finally able to load some pages that I did for the husband's book. I think they turned out pretty well.

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