Sunday, October 25, 2009

Monthly Goals

Recently I have been part of a challenge on where you set out how many layouts you want to complete during the month and then you try to meet your goals. I haven't been able to meet my goals the past two months, but I can finally say that for October I met my goal. Not bad at all considering I am also quilting and working full time.
I have an overall goal of trying to complete 500 layouts for the year and so far I am at 226/500. Not bad really but not anywhere close to my goal. Not too sure if I will make it and I am trying hard not to stress out about it, but... Can you say over achiever?

I really like the Ghost Soldier layout. Its turned out really well. The photo wasn't taken by me but I have no problem borrowing photos when they make a statement. With the dust and dirt of Afghanistan making it appear smokey these troops sure look like ghosts. Kind of reminds me of the poem, In Flander's Field. I wanted the layout to look rough and harsh so I crinkled and inked the paper, and put jute around the photo to symbolize being outside the wire, the safety of KAF.

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