Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Wow, what a week leading up to Thanksgiving. Not only was I on duty for the week, the husband is coming home and I have a baptism on Sunday. To make matters worse on my last day of duty, I was asked to preside over a funeral. So a lot on my plate for two weeks unfortunately. The worst of it is I picked up a sinus cold, so I sound like Snuffleugagus (?) from Sesame Street. I know I am dating myself cause I don't think that character is even on and now Sesame Street in Canada is called Sesame Park. Anyways gives the husband something to laugh about watching me trying to eat and breath with some difficulty cause I am all plugged up. But that Nati pot I saw on Dr Oz seems to be working.
Anyways despite all the busyness I was able to get out with the husband and drive up Island. We stopped at a gorgeous farmers market just outside of Duncan where there was a pile of pumpkins and I got some shots of him.

I also was able to get a great shot of two Scottish Terriers that were in a bike cart when I was at the mall. You got to admit its quite a sight. The owner told me that they cover over 50 km a week in their carrier and go all over the place. Me, I don't have the coordination to bike me all over the place let alone two dogs!

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