Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally Blogging

I have been asked numerous times about my blog to which I have to respond," I don't have one." Now finally I have one to share my work and thoughts with family and friends.

I currently am working on a few things right now. I set a goal of completing 500 layouts by the end of the year. Not doing to well on that goal. Only have 210 completed and at this point I am thinking I most likely won't get much past 350. But we will see.

The good news is that I finished our cruise album. Its a great feeling to have a completed album. And even better my local scrapbook store, is showing some of my layouts from it.

I am back to quilting once more after not having a room dedicated to just that for 3 years. I looked at the stack of fabric and unfinished quilts piled up and said to myself, I just have to get some of those completed. So I have pulled out a scrap quilt and a Christmas wall hanging, all at good stages that I will be able to finish them with ease.

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