Saturday, March 7, 2015

Penny Sqared

The first quilt I wanted to make out of Sue Pfau book, Quilts from Sweet Jane, is called Penny Lane. Rather than use a fabric line that was currently out on the market I thought it would be great to use up my ever growing stack of bali fabrics.  I have a lovely stack of bali’s.  They along with the oriental fabrics are the ones I hoard, seldom cutting into cause they are so lovely and I want to have just the right pattern that showcases their beauty. 

I thought that this pattern would be a perfect way to show off their prettiness along with allowing some fine needle work with the quilting. I have slowly been working away at the pile of blocks, doing a few every few nights and then moving on to another project. I hope to lay out the blocks and stare at them for a while getting them all organized just right.

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