Friday, March 20, 2015

Ice Pack Covers

 After reading an article about a Montreal restaurant trying to have no food waste from the kitchen I thought I would do the same with fabric. I would try to use up some of bits of flannel I had lying around after making some baby receiving blankets. 

I had this ice pack for ages that I picked up from Michael’s  a while back. I like it as it is small and works well to get those small areas. Sadly it does not have a cover so I thought this flannel would make a nice cover for it. 

There is nothing fancy about this.  Sew around three sides, turn up the hem, hem and voila! Done. Now to see if I can find some more small ice packs and use up remaining three or I could make some small heating pads that would be perfect for little kids!.. That is the way to go. 

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