Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Quilt top of 2015

I made a quilt back in March of last year and had some left overs that were very plentiful.  As they were balis I couldn't bear to toss them into the garbage so I put them aside in the to do something with some day pile and forgot about them.

Yesterday I was cleaning up that pile and deciding what would be my first WIP of the year and this one came to mind. It was a no brainer really as a quarter of the work as already done in the strip pieces. I just sewed them end to end to be a certain length and added a lovely soft blue grey solid and Voila! a quilt top is made.

not the greatest picture but you get what it looks like.

Next step to make the backing and cut the batting and get this ready to send off to Arlene the long armer.  I think this will make a lovely gift for someones posting out party.

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