Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

As a child my favorite time of the year was Christmas Eve. It was like a birthday and any other celebration rolled into one.  Considering my career choice it is not surprising I loved going to church and singing my little heart out, trying to blend my voice with the other voices that were around me. Of course it helped that most everyone was in a good upbeat mood that just excited my energy level too.  After church was over we would go to a distant cousins house to eat tasty morsels and sing some more. Around midnight we would head home and wait for Santa to come.

I still like to go to church and sing my heart out and to hear the lesson read out. While we do not have children of our own, its fun to watch my colleagues children prepare for the birth of the Christ child. They get the story and trust so simply in God's plan for all of us and offer the great reminder that we just need to have faith in God cause God's got this...

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