Sunday, August 3, 2014

Seven years ago today was our wedding. At five in the afternoon on a lovely summer day we married with the ocean at our side and family gathered in a circle around us. Hard to believe that it has been seven years. Where did the time go?

My niece and I

 Our photos were taken at the Gorge waterway prior to the wedding. Forget superstition about seeing each other prior to the wedding. I guess you can say we are non traditional as a couple.

 I loved my dress.  I found it in an afternoon of shopping for dresses.  As I only had four months to get a dress, I had to take what they had in stock, but I think it did good. It was white duchess satin, with gold and silver embroidery in the shape of flowers on the bodice and the panels on the skirt.
 We had gorgeous flowers at the tables. I saved and saved funds so that we could have live flowers, my favorite the star gazer lilies. Afterwards we gave our flowers to one of the seniors homes to enjoy.
I was so tempted to push him into the water.
 This is one of my favorite moments of our wedding. We forgot that on a Friday afternoon the sea planes would be taking off and landing in the harbor.  In the middle of our vows, Craig turned and pretended he was a machine gunner, taking aim at the planes that were coming it.  It was hilarious and so him.

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