Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ironman training

Iron man training continues despite being home in Victoria for a week on holidays. Monday I walked a little over 10 km - from our house to the Colwood Lagoon. It was a good walk and I made good time, practicing my shuffle.  I think a few folks thought I was a bit crazy- like the RCMP officer who drove by me and acknowledged my wave as we passed.

The walk also had some wonderful views as well. As I got close to my end mark, there was a hole in the wall of cedar and the most wonderful view of the lagoon and the waiting sea. Very pretty and makes me feel very blessed to live in this part of the world.

A little further down the road the Fleet Diving Unit was out doing pt, sprints to be exact.  They would run by me, turn around and do it over and over again. Some of them had very nice tattoos and impressive chests.  Hard not to notice considering they were going shirtless. Petawawa is missing out, pt would be so much more interesting and fun with some eye candy to look at.

So I did 10.20 km in 1h 35 min which is a new record for me. I bet I could have been a bit faster but I was being a good pedestrian and waiting for walk lights, unlike when I am at Pet and walking down the boulevard.

And even better when I reached the beach one of the MCDV's were steaming out to deeper waters in the Strait, a lovely site to see. I wish I could have come aboard and gone out for the day.

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