Friday, July 18, 2014

Ironman Training Week 5

A pretty great training week for me.  We started the week with a 10 km rucksack march, 2 km portage, 4 km paddle and another ruck march of 3.5 km. I did the 10 km in 2 hours, 30 min slower than I would have liked but still not bad for me that is! The portage was what ended my day early.  I only got 1 km and had to stop. 

But on Wednesday I had the opportunity to portage 2 km down a big hill, paddle 4 km and then walk up that big hill all over again. And I had no issues at all. The photo above is me at the turn around point in the paddle.  The water was smooth and the currents were nice.  It was a gorgeous summer day on the Ottawa River.  So far this week I have covered 30.9 km. Not bad.

Now to rest up this weekend and relax for Monday's 25 km walk wearing 38 lbs in my ruck.

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