Sunday, April 27, 2014


Rita at Red Pepper quilts created a Labyrinth quilt a few years ago.  I liked it so much that I purchased the pattern to make it for myself. Well I waited a bit and found some fabric that suited and would make a fabulous gift. The fabric line I am using is called Gracie Girl by Riley Blake with a few extra pieces added to even things out. The background is white from Clothworks. 

 Gracie Girl Gray Patchwork Yardage SKU# FQP3536-GRAYGracie Girl Pink Patchwork Yardage SKU# FQP3536-PINK

The blocks are great to show off the fabric and goes together easily with chain stitching and pressing. I had quite the assembly line going and was able to get 16 blocks done in two days of stitching. 

instructions even tell you how to press

Another day I made the sashing and with four hours of stitching, well make that closer to five and a half, the quilt was done.  What I best liked about this quilt was the fact that the instructions said how to press the block as you went.  I don't know about you but pressing is so important to me in the final product.  This way I had no humps and bumps in the quilt when it comes time for quilting.

laying out
And here is a small photo of the final quilt top.  I have it pressed and lint rollered, now to just buy the backing and take it to the long arm quilt lady to get quilted. Even better I have left over fabric that I can use in another project.  
finished top

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