Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Visiting  one of my regular quilting blogs I learned about the quilty bucket list that is running all of March. It got me thinking about the bucket list for quilts.  I mean I have a lot to do on a WIP list, those half finished quilts that got boring as I was making them for example.

The Quilty Bucket List is being hosted by Stacey at the Tilted Quilt. She offers her bucket list and I must say I am impressed with her desire to complete all these quilts.  They will keep one busy for a long while as they are technically challenging and require some patient long term sewing.

Among her bucket list is a double wedding ring, an applique quilt along with swoon and a string quilt. That is quite a mix of quilts.

So what is my quilted bucket list?  Hmmm.

Whole Cloth Quilt
by Quilted
 I have wanted to make one of these every since I saw one on a quilt frame at one church I was a student minister at.  I think I would use one of the grunge fabrics from Basic Grey and pick a pattern with swirls, anchors and ocean like patterns. Not sure if I would do a bed size, maybe just limit myself to a lap quilt that I can complete and hang on a wall.

Applique Quilt
from Amazon

Every since having a subscription to Australian Patchwork and Quilting I have wanted to make an elaborate applique quilt.  I debated whether to choose a Baltimore Album quilt or do something a bit different.  I went for different after seeing a book about Jacobean flowers. Once more I would do this as stole or a small quilt to hang on the wall.  I really don't mind applique as long as I have good light, so this might be the thing on an upcoming road trip.


Ever since I saw this quilt pattern I have wanted to make this quilt.  I love it! I mean really, really love it.


The Back Forty Barn Landscape Toni Whitney Designs Applique Quilt Pattern
by Toni Whitney designs

Since my parents sold the farm, I have wanted to do one of these.  A barn quilt.  I have seen a few different versions of them over the years. Piecemaker I believe had a year of barns for example.  I think if i keep to a wonder under with rich fabrics I can get an even better effect.

I think that is a pretty good start for the bucket list don't you?

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